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Projektmanagement für (soziale) Projekte im Globalen Süden

Die Veranstaltung ist im Moment ausgebucht, Sie können sich aber auf die Warteliste setzen lassen. Falls Plätze frei werden, werden Sie informiert.
Hof, Bayern, 13. - 15. 11. 2020, in Kooperation mit STUBE Bayern

Project management for student of the Global South


Finish your studies, so what now? What can I do if I decide to reintegrate into my home country?

In this seminar we will deal with how to plan projects and what difficulties can come up.

The planning has to be based on facts and reality. The goal must remain clear, but flexibility and the ability to deal with setbacks are also important.

Where do you get information, advice and advice, what legal regulations are important at regional and national level and what other institutions such as trade unions, etc. should be consulted?

 We have gained an experienced speaker who has been working in development cooperation for many years, giving training and education sessions in the countries of the Global South. She knows the general conditions and situations that can occur quite well and can pass this knowledge on to the participants in a multi-methodical way in inputs, discussions and exercises.


In Cooperation  STUBE Bayern and STUBE  Sachsen

Das Seminar wird wiederkehrend einmal jährlich angeboten. Es gibt eine geringe Anzahl an Plätzen.

November 13th 2020 11:00   bis   November 15th 2020 15:00
Beethovenstr. 44
Jugendherberge Hof
95032 Hof
Mobile: 0176 4939 5032
Mobile: 0176 5675 3978

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