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In Vielfalt vereint: Interkultureller Dialog über Gender auf dem Weg zu mehr Gleichstellung

 Registration is closed for this event
10. - 12. 11. 2023, Hirschluch (close to Berlin), in collaboration with STUBE Berlin

Gender equality is not only a human right, but also an indicator of a society's level of development: countries with great prosperity are usually characterized by high equality of opportunity between the sexes. 

Welcome to the "United in diversity" STUBE seminar! From November 10-12, 2023, we invite students from around the world to join us in an intercultural dialogue on gender and social justice. We will focus on the complexities of gender identities and roles, illuminate social change, and develop strategies for social justice and gender equality.

This weekend seminar provides an inspiring platform for discussion and exchange. We explore the diverse roles of women in different cultures and develop recommendations to create a more inclusive society. In the picturesque setting of Hirschluch near Storkow (Brandenburg, Germany), students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe will come together to explore the world of gender diversity. Immerse yourself in a weekend of learning, networking, and valuable insights for a more equitable future.
In a globalized world, social justice can only be achieved through inclusive and integrative approaches. Our seminar creates the space for open, intercultural dialogue about feminism and gender to lay the foundations of an inclusive society. Together, we will advocate for positive change and help create a world where gender is not a barrier to opportunity and equality. Be part of it, because together we can make a big difference!

This seminar, organized by STUBE, is primarily supported by DAAD. The participation fee is only €15 and is binding upon registration. Please note that a fee of €70 will be charged for unexcused non-attendance. Further information will be provided after your registration. We look forward to sharing this enriching experience with you!

November 10th 2023 12:00 through November 12th 2023 14:30
Phone: 015110683532